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Welcome to Dance to Learn® My name is Jessica Strong, I am the Creative Director and Owner and I am so excited that you are here! My passion in life is Dance Education! I love sharing the knowledge I've learned over the last 20 years as a retired ballerina, dance teacher and studio owner! Dance to Learn® has been the primary curriculum for my in-school dance program, Dance Exploration for 12 years. As a mobile dance teacher with schools as my primary clients, my goal was to create a curriculum that was EDUCATIONAL first. I knew that I wanted my curriculum to stand out. Recreational dance programs can be found in dance studios across America. Therefore I knew I wanted something different and unique designed to be rooted in education and focused on what my students were learning in school. Second, I wanted my curriculum to be ENGAGING. I wanted to create a multi-sensory educational dance curriculum that captivated the whole child by providing multiple sensory opportunities designed for all 4 primary learning types. Lastly I wanted a curriculum that was ENRICHING and involved parents and caregivers outside of the studio to encourage continued learning at home. 


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Dancing a Life Cycle of a Butterfly!

I invite you to try a FREE Lesson Plan from Dance to Learn® Dancing the Life Cycle of a Butterfly is a FAVORITE of my dancers. This lesson plan allows dancers to create their own caterpillars, get wrapped in a cocoon and give their own set of wings a try. My lesson plans are educational, engaging and enriching with a focus on the whole child! If you enjoy this lesson plan, please check out our Membership Packages!

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Text POLARBEAR to 844-699-3240

Feed the Polar Bear! Skill Set Game! Dancers will practice 9 ballet movements! When performed correctly, they get to feed the Polar Bear the Fish with that ballet term on it! You also have 3 fish you can use to create your own dance movements!

Your Download includes: List of Materials Directions to Assemble your Bear and how to Play the Game 9 Ballet Terminology Fish Create your own

This game is recommended for children ages 3-5

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