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Dance to Learn® the Whole-Child Dance Education Method. We believe in a conceptualized thematic approach to dance education with 8 core Principles within our Methodology. Our research based Curriculum ensures we develop the Exceptional Child through developmentally appropriate teaching strategies.

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Mommy, Teddy Bear and Me™ is a Conceptual Dance Education approach to Parent and Me Classes. Children 18months-3 + their Parent/Caregiver will learn 7 essential Dance Concepts:
- Action
- Space
- Tempo
- Sizes
- Levels
- Body Parts
- Pathways
- 3 Weeks of Reviews

  • 10 Weeks of Lesson Plans
  • 7 Dance Concepts
  • Printable Teacher's Guide
  • Apple, Spotify and Amazon Music Playlists
  • Shoppable Prop Lists
  • Video Demonstrations of Each Activity
  • 10 Dance at Home Activities

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Hello Dance Teacher Friends!

I recently polled the dance teacher groups to discover that you spend an average of 20+ hours per week lesson planning! I can think of a million things we could be doing instead of spending valuable time planning lessons for our dance classes. I personally, love lesson planning, which is why I created Dance to Learn® to begin with. I know how hard lesson planning can be. From creating creative ideas that will keep our classrooms ENGAGED, to finding theme perfect props that are also MULTI-SENSORY, and then finding music that helps our dancers not only learn the CONCEPT but is also THEME BASED. It's a lot of work. Thankfully, I love doing the work and sharing it with you so you can have EDUCATIONAL, ENGAGING and ENRICHING dance classes each week while giving you 20 hours a week of valuable time back to spend on the things that matter most.

This is where the Dance to Learn® Dance Teacher Memberships come in! The Dance to Learn® Memberships give you access to our growing library of DONE-FOR-YOU Lesson Plans and Digital Downloads! As new lesson plans and digital downloads are added, you receive instant access to that material in your library so you can begin organizing your classes right away!
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The Dance Educator Membership is ideal for the Preschool Dance Teacher or Early Childhood Educator that teaches general movement and dance classes of multiple styles and genres. The Dance Educator Membership provides you with a complete library of Done-for-You Lesson Plans and Digital Downloads in the styles of Creative Dance, PreBallet, Preschool Hip Hop and Ballet/Tap Combo.

Dance to Learn® Lesson Plans

Done-For-You Lesson Plans

Lesson Plans that are Educational, Engaging and Enriching

Our lesson plans at Dance to Learn® are Educational. We focus our classes on a monthly theme and a weekly dance concept. Follow along with our in-stream video lesson plans, or print out the teacher’s guides to build your lesson plan portfolio!

Each Dance to Learn® lesson plan includes dance activities that are age and developmentally appropriate and designed to captivate the whole child. Lesson plans include prop suggestions and class play lists designed with the child in mind!

Dance to Learn® lesson plans include Family Engagement activities to keep your parents and children engaged in their studies both in and out of the classroom! In addition to our lesson plan library, you will also receive our entire library of digital downloads! Coloring pages, dance games and skill tracking activities help excite your youngest dancers in their dance journey.

Dance to Learn® Master Classes

BrainDance Master Class

On Demand!

This Master Class will provide you with the ins and outs of BrainDance, a whole body and mind warm up that is essential to child development founded by Anne Green Gilbert.

The Master Class Includes:

- 2 Hrs of Content
- 11 Chapters and 59 Lessons
- Demonstrations of 8 Patterns of BrainDance
- Benefits of BrainDance
- How to incorporate props into your BrainDance
- BrainDance Master Class Workbook (Download)
- BrainDance Brainstorming Worksheet (Download)
- BrianDance Fact Sheet (Download)
- BrainDance Prop List (Donwload)
- BrainDance Resources (Download)

Course Schedule: This course is provided on Demand. This means that you can purchase and Access Course Content to Complete at your Own Pace. This course content will not expire, unless Dance to Learn, LLC removes it from the website, which we reserve the right at our discretion.

Featured Dance Concept Box

Florrie Flamingo© Dance Concept Box

Take Introducing your Dance Concept to the next level with the Florrie Flamingo© Dance Concept Box!

14 Dance Concept Visuals for your Learner's Circle plus a Creative Dance Game and Obstacle Course Cueing Cards! 16 Dance Activities in total.

**Box not included in your purchase**

Concepts Include:
Body Shapes

PLUS: Creative Dance Game
Obstacle Course Cueing Cards

Your Download Also Includes Labels for your Photo Storage Boxes, Direction cards for each Concept Game, Printing instructions and assembly recommendations. Box is recommended for Creative Dance or PreBallet Classrooms and Dancers Ages 3-5

***Photo Storage Box is NOT included with your Purchase***


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Dancing a Life Cycle of a Butterfly!

I invite you to try a FREE Lesson Plan from Dance to Learn® Dancing the Life Cycle of a Butterfly is a FAVORITE of my dancers. This lesson plan allows dancers to create their own caterpillars, get wrapped in a cocoon and give their own set of wings a try. My lesson plans are educational, engaging and enriching with a focus on the whole child! If you enjoy this lesson plan, please check out our Membership Packages!

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Receive 27 Coloring Pages from Florrie Flamingo® ABC's of Dance to help your tiny ballerinas learn their Ballet Terminology!

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