Dance-Giving! Creative Dance Bundle

Recommended for ages 3-5

The Dance-Giving Creative Dance Bundle Includes the Following Lesson Plans: 

Shapes, Sizes and Pumpkin Pie Slices

Creative Dance
Ages 3-5

Course Description: Shapes, Sizes & Pumpkin Pie Slices is a Creative Dance Lesson Plan that explores the concepts of Shapes, Sizes and Sequencing as we dance out the process of baking Pumpkin Pie! Perfect for ages 3-5

This Lesson Plan includes:
~ Pumpkin Pie Shapes Visual Aid
~ Pumpkin Pie Slice Sizes Visual Aid
~ Baking a Pumpkin Pie Sequence Visual Aid
~ Props List
~ Music List
~ Teaching Aid

~ Introducing the Concept
~ BrainDance Warm Up
~ Exploring the Concept
~ Developing Skills
1. Across the Floor
2. Covid Edition
~ Story Dance Pathway


Thankful Tree

Creative Dance
Ages 3-5

The Thankful Tree Lesson Plan by Dance to Learn® is a Creative Dance Experience for children ages 3-5. Children will learn the importance of Gratitude as they complete and color their "Thankful for" Leaves. This lesson plan focuses on the Dance Concept of Space: Self Space & General Space as well as Locomotor vs Non-Locomotor Movement.

This Lesson Plan Includes: 

- Teaching Guide
- Prop List
- Music List
- Thankful Tree Digital Download

- BrainDance Warm Up
- Standing Warm Up
- Developing Skills
- Obstacle Course
- COVID Modifications
- Creating/Freeze Dance