Gobble Gobble Turkey Wobble

A Preschool Hip Hop Lesson Plan

Gobble Gobble Turkey Wobble is a Preschool Hip Hop Lesson plan that teaches dancers the Dance Concepts of Directions with a focus on the Body-Side Hemisphere. This Lesson plan is recommended for ages 3-5.

Course curriculum

    1. Teacher Guide

    2. Prop List

    3. Music List

    1. Turkey BrainDance Warm Up

    1. Gobble Gobble Standing Warm Up

    1. Developing Skills 1 -Bear Crawls

    2. Developing Skills 2 - Crab Walks

    1. Setting Up Your Obstacle Course

    2. Story Dance Pathway™

    1. Creating

About this course

  • $50.00
  • 13 lessons
  • 0.5 hours of video content