Master Class on DEMAND! Pre-Oerder

Creating an Educational, Engaging and Enriching Virtual Dance Classroom

Creating an Educational, Engaging and Enriching Online Dance Experience! - ON DEMAND In this two hour master class you will learn tips and tricks to conducting online dance classes that are educational, enriching and engaging for your students! This Master Class is currently available as a Pre-Order. Register before 1/4/2021 to save $10!

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Welcome/Introductions

  • 2

    How students learn and interact with Virtual Experiences

    • Passive vs Active Learning

    • VARK Learning Types

    • How Children Interact with Electronics

    • Structuring our Virtual Lesson Plans

  • 3

    Motivating Movement - Creative Classroom Management Ideas for Virtual Learning

    • Motivating Movement

    • Secret Student

    • Secret Word

    • Participation Points

  • 4

    Captivating Visual Learning Types Online

    • Visual Aids: Feed the Polar Bear

    • I Spy - Mystery Dance

  • 5

    Captivating VARK Learning - Auditory Learners

    • Captivating Auditory Learners

    • Chase the Sound Game for Auditory Learners and Spatial Exploration

  • 6

    Captivating Readers/Writers (Tactile) Learners

    • Prop Kits

    • Additional Tactile Experiences

  • 7

    Virtual Worksheet Access

    • How to Use ClassKick to Create a Virtual Game

    • Gingerbread Man Maze - Live Demonstration

    • How to Access your Worksheet for Editing Access

    • Assigning a Worksheet to your Students

  • 8